Director of Photography

The Nomads | Feature Film 2018

Do You Want to See a Dead Body | Season 1 You Tube Red/ Google 2017

Bajillion Dollar Properties | Season 4 NBCU/ SeeSo 2017

Bajillion Dollar Properties | Season 3 NBCU/ SeeSo 2017

Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin Live at the Palladium | Netflix 2017 

Bajillion Dollar Properties | Season 2 NBCU/ SeeSo 2016

Bajillion Dollar Properties | Season 1 NBCU/ SeeSo 2016

The Perfect Phone for Filming Police Brutality with Jerrod Carmichael (Short) 2015

Not My Tempo (Short) 2015

Tall Justice 2 (Short) 2015

Dr. Quinn, Morphine Woman with Jane Seymour (Short) 2014

A Message from Step Brothers' Adam Scott (Short) 2014

The Hand Bra by Rebecca Romijn (Short) 2013

Boyfriends (TV Pilot) 2013

Frenemies 3 with Eliza Coupe (Short) 2013

Vibe for Women (Short) 2013

Genie on Hard Times with Parker Posey (Short) 2013

Jeremy Piven’s Beard (Short) 2013

Tour de France Champion with Horatio Sanz (Short) 2013

The Undecided Ohio Voter (Short) 2012

The Jew Girl (Short) 2012

Frenemies 2 with Eliza Coupe (Short) 2012

Bruno Mars’ Whatta Man (Music Video) 2012

Self-Deportation Station with Mary Steenburgen & George Lopez (Short)  2012

The Spin Room – Romney’s Running Mate (Short) 2012

Vacation Sex (Short) 2012

Fifty Shades of Blue with Selena Gomez (Short) 2012

Republicans, Get in My Vagina (Short) 2012

Ladies Remember Whitney Houston (Short) 2012

Jean Dujardin’s Cigarettes (Short) 2012

Villain Auditions with Jean Dujardin (Short) 2012

Women for Eli Manning (Short) 2012

We Are Young (Feature)  2012

Herman Cain’s Campaign Promise with Mike Tyson (Short) 2011

Live Free or Die in 2012 with Larry King (Short) 2011

Mornings with Alex and Drew (Short) 2011

Axe: Dirtcathlon (Branded Web Series) 2011

More Than It Is (Short) 2010

The Last 10 Seconds of Lost (TV Series) 2010

El Borracho (Short)  2009

Stealing Second (Short) 2009